What’s in the Calendar

In addition to the calendar pages, preceded by an introduction, I’ve included other information I hope you’ll find both interesting and useful.

Here are the contents in order, and click the bold header to see more information and samples:

Introduction: How my cats turned me into an artist.

About Rescues: Rescuing cats can be exhausting because the populations never seem to decrease and so much can seem to be wrong with the system; it’s my hope that these happy endings will do for you what they did for me, reinforcing my will to continue helping cats.

About the Making of This Calendar: A few notes on how this calendar came together.

Portrait and Calendar Pages: Each two-page spread features a portrait and the rescue story of the cat or cats in the portrait on the left, and on the right a calendar page including every day, week and month celebrating something special about our animal companions and sometimes other animals as well.

And the story continues… notes about the cats in the portraits aside from their rescue stories, what the rescuers are doing now, and notes on creating each portrait.

Resources: basic feline health care and information on determining when a vet visit or an emergency visit is necessary, toxic substances and plants, life stages of cats, spay and neuter, TNR, pet loss, just some fun facts and resources on the internet and in print.

22 Cats Notepaper: a section of decorative notepaper featuring a collage of all 16 portraits and printed in black on white paper.

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