~A Sample Story

Read the story of Christie, featured in October 2012:

Christie was brought to a veterinarian for treatment, but her owners never returned; apparently Christie wasn’t using the litter pan and they didn’t want to take her back. The veterinarian obtained ownership and put her up for adoption, and as the news spread that a kitty needed a home the story eventually reached her adoptive people. They met the charming and quiet girl, impressed by her affectionate nature, and were willing to take a chance with the litter pan issues. Her forever family discovered that Christie needed to be told frequently, at least once each day, that she was the most beautiful and precious girl and to have her lovely long orange fur massaged or she would become visibly depressed. Apparently she is no longer wanting for praise and affection, and a neatly folded towel still warm from the dryer and carefully placed on the kitchen counter doesn’t hurt, either.

This is a sample portrait page with the name of the portrait, the year it was completed, medium and size, the rescue story and the portrait itself, each page framed in a rich coordinating color:

This is a sample calendar page with as many days, weeks and months of celebration for animals as I could find, a suggestion of something you can do for or with your kitty for that month and a quote from some famous cat person:

Other featured portraits include:

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